Facilitating Cooperative Procurement Contracts (COOPS)


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At Essential Constructs, we facilitate Cooperative Procurement contracts by helping to facilitate and administer cooperative purchasing networks (COOPs) for schools, government facilities, municipalities and any public entity that falls under the General Municipal Law.

Our Philosophy:

If you work for a school district, government agency, higher education, municipality or any other agency or location that requires a public bid process, you know how daunting the entire process can be. You must go through an extensive series of phases including pre-construction, design documents, estimation, approval processes, bidding, and awarding before you even start construction.

What if we told you we could help eliminate many of those steps all while saving money and possibly having your project being done within the same calendar year and under budget?

Our Mission:

The Cooperatives offers a wide variety of values saving time and money, no need to duplicate the competitive RFP process, reduces the impact of staffing and budget cuts, are able to choose the products and services you desire and need, leveraging relationships and the ability to select the vendor (contractor) you want to purchase. Which all avoids the unpleasant experience of low-bids and low-quality awards. 

Wherever your public agency is, our purchasing processes will comply because we’re on co-ops across the country.


Affinity Partners GPO, an affiliate of TIPS-USA is a national group purchasing organization (GPO) for the private sector that leverages purchasing power for national, enterprise and regional purchasers of goods and services. In Partnership with TIPS-USA, a national government cooperative (GPO), Affinity Partners generates cost savings via increased purchasing power with a streamlined procurement process, saving time and creating value in pre-vetted suppliers that extend their government contracts to the private sector.